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Penny an 20 Game winner


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He has the potential to be one. He is a smart pitcher and can throw strikes in an out....read this article.


Notes: Can Penny win 20?

McKeon likes right-hander's chances

By Abe Winter / MLB.com


Marlins manager Jack McKeon feels Brad Penny has the potential to win 20 games. (Alan Diaz/AP)


MILWAUKEE -- Brad Penny went into the 2003 season with 26 victories in his three years in the Major Leagues. Florida manager Jack McKeon wouldn't be surprised if Penny won that many in one season. Well, maybe not 26, but certainly 20.

"He's a potential 20-game winner," McKeon said. "He has the stuff. He just has to put it all together."


First-year Florida catcher Ivan Rodriguez agrees.


"He's a great pitcher," the former Texas All-Star said. "He's a hard thrower and has a good breaking ball. He's young and he's still learning how to pitch. When he learns a little more, he'll be even better."


His forte?


"He throws strikes with his breaking ball and his fastball is in and out," Rodriguez said. "When he's on, he's very tough to hit."


Penny, who is 4-4 with a 3.74 ERA, wasn't at his best Sunday when he let a 5-1 lead evaporate and turn into an 8-5 loss to Anaheim. His next start will be Friday night in Texas, and he will take the mound shortly after the Rangers pay tribute to Ivan Rodriguez.


Overall, McKeon likes what he's seen from Penny in the month he's been managing the team.


"He's done a good job since I've been here," he said. "Sunday was the poorest game he's pitched."


But he's seen enough to think Penny will be a fixture for a long time.


"I would think so," McKeon said. "He's a bulldog, a horse. He has good stuff but like all young guys there's room for improvement."



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but he hasnt been pitching good

Wow someone woke up from a coma missing The Entire season except for his last start...


Dude one start does not ruin a pitcher...


BTW how much did you spend for what your smoking... I could use a good deal

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Penny has been one of the more consistent pitchers on this team if not the most consistent throughout the year.



Bad starts happen to every pitcher, ace or scrub.



I expect Penny to turn it around and perform much better his next time out.

Who is this man? Who took over Das' account and posted something positive. I actually agree with this assesment.

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Guest markotsay7

Right, and he very well could. He also very well couldn't. Remember all the "potential" Todd Van Poppel and Brien Taylor had...

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You all are out to lunch.


1) He's 4-4 this season , not really a great indicator that he can win 20.


2) He has an ERA over 4 in the National League.


3) He's 30-28 lifetime. Once again, not what I would call a great indicator.


We've been down this road before. Van Poppel, Taylor, Dempster, etc.... For some reason they never fully mature into great pitchers. Some turn out to be above average, some below, but none of them great.


After 90 career starts, I don't wanna hear about "potential". We have plenty of pitching in the minors with "potential." Why, after 90 starts, hasn't he developed an out pitch, why is he still prone to fits of wildness, why does he still think he can overpower hitters all the time, why doesn't he cover first base... Why are his numbers getting worse this year rather than better?


Penny is a #3 or #4, maybe a two on a pitching-starved team.


I really think that all the praise gets to their heads. That is the one thing that seperates the D-Train from the rest of them....He's still humble and listens to advice and critcism.

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Hmm Doesn't make any sense?How many starts did Penny have in inter league play?How can his era be over 4 agaisnt N.L???

Brad Penny vs AL

11 2/3 innings 5er


so that's about a 3.85 in the AL If that is a 3.85 ERA in the AL, then that would mean his ERA in the NL is even lower than 3.74 so therefore Fillet's post was inaccurate.

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Guest markotsay7

I think he meant that 3.74 is middle of the road in the NL whereas a 4+ ERA in the AL is middle of the road (due to the DH).


But of course, I'm only assuming.

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