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Trade Possibilities published on Sports Weekly

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You know today i went to UM and I bought me an issue of Sports Weekly, before it was Baseball weekly. The point is that this is what they say:

"The Marlins realized what the White Sox found out the past two years: Billy Koch can no longer pitch. They still need another reliever and a left fielder. They also need a Dontrelle Willis resurgence.

Recommendation: Go get [Danny] Bautista or [Matt] Stairs, and one of the Blue Jays' relievers as well."


Well to be quite honest getting Bautista is something we can use because he has shown his power at the plate, and he was an ex-marlin from 2000-2001, but i think acquiring ex-marlins mean that they will suck no matter what, take CJ for example. But I think it would be a great idea to get a Blue Jay reliever. I wouldnt get Matt Stairs if they gave him to me for free, but i guess it could help the team.


I also heard on the radio about the Nomar talks, but I find that very doubtful but if it ever happens they can always take penny and leave pavano here.

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He's been more relaxed the past 2-3 appearances. one of his last appearances he pitched two innings but he walked two of these hitters in the 9th, but the point is that if he remains pitching scoreless innings, he'll resurrect into the Ugueth Urbina of last year when Urbina had an 0-4 record with a 5.04 ERA with the Rangers and had a great year with the Marlins.

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