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best soccer player of all time


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is maradona the gay dude?



no ... maradona is the coke addict that weighs 300 lbs and hangs out with Fidel all day



man is a bad influence ... but still he is the king of soccer


if it wasnt for his bad reputation he would be above Pele ... unfortunatly Pele is mr nice guy, while maradona is the junkie bastard child

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naked doesnt = gay


makin out and do sexual stuff w/dudes = gay




thank you ... we have someone thats secure with their sexuality






ohh no forgive me if I have seen my friend(s) naked or the other way around ... ohh no im GAY



They were all "in bed posting for pictures".According to the rumors and I'm not quite sure if that normal behavior.I just don't sit back relax naked in a bed with a bunch of guys.

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... either way i dont think he is gay ... he's a drug addict pimp



still has unveliable skills beyond recognition ... highlight



Very true.


I think both deserve the Honor being called greatest.I'm torn apart on who to vote.I actually got a chance to watch Maradona as a kid and he was amazing.

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the only reason why I say that Maradona is better is because he took his skill sto another level and played in the more competitive european leagues


He had his glory days in Napoli


... Pele stayed in Brazil his whole life which is ok as well and of course he had talent beyond anything but he never went and played with players that were at least somewhat up to his level by going overseas

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although my heart says Dios, im gonna have to go with O Rei......thats Pele. Maradona was an undeniable talent on the field, but not what you want in a player off. if we make an argument for who had better skills and talent, its Diego, but it takes a bit more to be a better "player".


an argument can be made for Zidane as the best player of the past decade or so, although he was voted the best European player of the past 50 years, ahead of Cruyff, Baggio, Beckenbauer, Platini, and Moore.



PS- the goal Diego scored on England in the '86 World Cup has gone down in history as the greatest goal ever scored......if you have a chance to see it, i highly recommend it.

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