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NL Gold Glove First Baseman


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Albert Pujols:

Games: 77

Innings: 688

Total Chances: 835

Putouts: 767

Assists: 62

Errors: 6

Doubleplays: 76

Field %: .993

Range Factor: 10.84

Zone Rating: 9.07


Derrek Lee:

Games: 84

Innings: 740

Total Chances: 754

Putouts: 683

Assists: 68

Errors: 3

Doubleplays: 56

Field %: .996

Range Factor: 9.13

Zone Rating: 8.16


1) Pujols

2) Lee


Close one so far!

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I actually dont know how people say Pujols is better at 1st



Choi is better than Pujols ... he is jsut playing in first because he sucks in just abotu every other position


Pujols is one of the best defensive players in baseball. THis year he has been the best defensive 1B in the NL, and even if he was average, I would take a guy who is average defensively but can play anywhere on the field than a guy who plays great defensively but can only play one position

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