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possible Rookie of the Year "matchup"


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-The Rookie of the Year needs to be consistent, so far Willis is. If Willis can keep form he will win it! No question, Seo is playing on a bad Mets team and that won't help him, people love Willis and his story. How he was raised by his mother, how he calls his best friend daily, how he is so excited about everything. Seo is not as people friendly as Willis, he has a disadvantage because he is new to the US, but so was Ichiro. The style of play and performance from here till then will decide.

-Rocco has no real competition does he? With the name, Rocco BAldelli he already won the AL ROY. LOL :D

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I know for a fact that Dontrelle Willis will kill all of the R.O.Y. nominees because know rookie has more talent and heart that Dontrelle Willis has. Therefore, I shall have to go with DONTRELLE WILLIS! :cool

it's a fact that DW has more heart than other rookies?


more like an opinion :p

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