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My Crappy Day...


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So I was supposed to move into a new apartment tomorrow. Everything is getting packed and I've switched over all the utilities, phone, cable, and forwarded my mail.


Today I get a call saying that the apartment I was supposed to be moving into will not be available and that another apartment will not be available until Aug. 3rd. Keep in mind, I have to be out of my current apartment by Thursday the 29th. Apparently the apartment I was supposed to be moving into is being occupied by a man who was going to be evicted. He somehow came up with the huge amount of money he owed the complex, so they legally can't kick him out.


So today I was on the phone forever with them trying to bargain. I ended up getting an apartment to stay until the 3rd with them paying the electric. I will not have tv or internet (I guess I can do without or just go to friends). So I have to move my stuff tomorrow to the temporary apartment, then move my stuff to a whole other building on the 3rd. So I have to make 2 moves. :banghead


I was also on the phone a lot today trying to straighten out my cable, phone, and electric. I have to visit the post office tomorrow to cancel the forwarding. All I can say is they better give me my first month rent for free over this.

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For the most part everything got worked out, it was just a huge inconvenience to have to jump through hoops to help correct their mistake. They didn't even give me 24 hours notice, and that's pretty crappy.

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Guest marlins02



try to have his ass deported or jailed or something if possible :lol



damn thats so cold. for all i know the dude could be a family man struggling to make ends meet.



what happened at the airport juanky?

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