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Things to watch for..


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We will see a rejuvenated team.


With Lo Duca hitting 3rd, we will see an offense with more punch and a greater ability to advance the runners. Enc is also no slouch on offense - he can get hot.


Encarnacion is ready to play and perform. He is rejuventated as well.


The bullpen will be gnastier. Mota has the tools and will get it done. When Benitez comes back, we get downright frightening. Koch performs much better with less pressure.


We see more dominant performances from our starters. Beckett and Burnett are bulldogs. They are brash and dont give in to anyone. Lo Duca will boost their confidence with his credentials and will keep them under control. As a whole, the starters get better knowing that they have an All-star to throw to and get more comfortable with him out there.


Valdez does his best Pavano imitations.


Pavano continues to make an argument for our staff ace. Willis becomes more consistent.


Conine goes on a home run hitting rampage. Stays hot.


We start winning.

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Guest marlins02

ITS ON!!! WE'RE DOING THIS s***!! IT STARTS TONIGHT!! :mad : :mad :



sorry, im kinda pumped, its been 2 days since we've played a game (not counting sunday) and theres so much on the line.

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Even early in the season, in a casual conversation before the Marlins faced the Dodgers at Pro Player Stadium, A.J. Burnett made his pitch.


"He came up to me and said: 'I love the way you play, and I wish we had you here,'" Lo Duca recalls of the pregame discussion. "That's the best compliment -- when you get it from the guys you play with, your peers. You take that kind of stuff to heart."



Some proof that the Marlins starters - especially Burnett (and Beckett) - will perform better as they will be more confident about their battery mate.

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