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What could be better tomorrow night?


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the only thing that could be better than winning tonite, is winning tomm.


it was a good win for the team now they have to move on. they cant get stuck on the moment in aww. they gotta come back tomm.


the marlins have won 17 out of there last 27 game


a record of 17-10

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ya baby!!!!!!! we are on a ROLL 8.5 games back of the DUDGERS 4 the wild card 13.5 back the braves 4 the divison.....


i have hOPE


DONTRELLE MANIA will throw a no hitter and miggy will go deep 3 times.....


SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP da rays and become 38-39 thats my weekend wish

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And since LA and SF are tied again, as long as we win tommorow we gain another game in the Wild Card :)



as long as either LA or SF loses tomorrow, we gain.....


so go Angels and A's....


tomorrow night will be awesome Your right, for some reason I thought that the dodgers and giants we're playing each other.


can't wait till tommorow, might be one of the best games of the season

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I'm going to be there tommorrow night. Whoever is going to be there, look for a white posterboard sign behind the Marlins dugout... It'll say "Time to start DONTRELLE MANIA!" on one side, and "Miguel Cabrera = GOD!" on the other side...


If you have a better idea for something to put on the sign, I'm very open to suggestions...lol

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