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Is there anything left in the farm?

Teal Shadow

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lol damn real....... the man is a STIFF but i cant debate it with u guys... when he has outtings like this...


KEEP IN MIND PAVZ always picthes great threw da 1st 5 innings but after than when a team sees em 4 da 2nd time they begin hitting off em.....


Rays i think had 4 strait hits off his A$$ not counting the picther 2 get em outta that inning...


but i dont care if he is a stiff or not....... jack toook em out at da right time... Pavs caught some Big Breaks..... and yo a win is a win..... when was da last time we were 1 game under 500 somewhere in April wasnt it??????


ill put it this way..... if burentt was still Healthy and in our rotation..... Pavs wouldnt be in the starting 5.....

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