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Do you have any Nicknames?


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Not really, most people call me Alex, which is my name...


But occasionally I get Al, or Lex....


I don't like Lex to much. But Al is my dads name, which is short for Alberto. ....





I always wanted a cool nickname like SPOONGE or CHEESE MAN...But then I realized that those names suck, and if their YOU'RE nickname, You also suck. f***.

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They call me.... Tater Salad? :thumbup


:lol I wonder how many other people know what your talking about?





I was drunk in a bar, they THREW me in public....


that and Satillites are linking in space, computers at Nasa are turning on, and one little telegraph in Fringe Texas is going off the hook, eepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeep *takes breath"eepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeepeepbeeppbeeepbeepbeepbbeep beep.

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