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NFL Wildcard Weekend


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tell me about it


they haven't won a playoff game since I've followed the team


I've been a fan since '85


crazy am I


I live and die for this team and am kind of depressed


typical to the seahawks season and franchise history


I don't even know what i want


Maybe resign the FAs, work on the pass rush and come back for next year?????

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poor Hasselback, he did everything he could on that play, Engram flat out dropped it


I hope Holmgren is back next year



That was a damn hard catch.


At any rate, Holmgren is crap and this team is entirely too good to be 9-7 and 1 and done in the playoffs. The team needs a coach that will bring in discipline and teach those damn WRs to catch.

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Yeah, I don't know about Holmgren. Sometimes I watch this guy on the sideline and he looks kind of lost/clueless. I think he's a lot like Wanny in that he lacks the leadership to turn things around when they start going downhill. Hell, if he had more hair, he'd probably spend the last 5 minutes of every game running his hands through it.


I'd probably fire him. It's not working there. Over the course of the year, Seattle put forth one of the worst performances as a team that I've seen in a long time.

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