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Free agents next offseason??


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Are there any good starters that are going to be free agents next year. How about outfielders because after this year we'll need a new one if we dont stick with Enc which is very unlikely.


Hermida will take over for Enc, or maybe even Willingham if he is still here


there is also Aguila

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Johan Santana isn't a FA after next year - he still has a one arbitration year left, and is a FA after the 2006 season.


"Johan Santana turned down a three-year, $25 million contract offer from the Twins, the Star Tribune reports.

A $25 million offer wasn't bad considering that Santana is only due about $6 million in his second year of arbitration. Still, he isn't eager to give up a year of free agency. If he can stay healthy the next two years, he'll probably make at least $15 million-$16 million per season as a free agent. "


from Rotoworld





The reason the Twins want to lock him up now is to keep his arbitration costs down. If he wins his arby hearing this year, gets 6.8 mil, and has another sick season, he could put them in a similar situation to the A's this year - having to deal him next offseason in order to not lose him for nothing in a few years.


Tim Hudson is also a FA after next year, but the Braves could lock him up before then.

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We need to focus on starting pitching next off-season....as we will likely lose 3/5 of our starters.



Beckett and Willis will be back, Olsen will be in the rotation, and if Leiter wants to come back, he's welcome to. I think we need to get AJ locked up before S.T. so it's not a distraction throughout the season, and then hope we have Hudson fall into our laps next offseason :D .

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