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I have a test in less than 8 hours in Boca Raton...


I am in Miami right now (Miami Shores), which means that if I want to make it to school in time to find a spot and get to class, I have to leave at about 6:45 (rush hour traffic)...


I'm still studying, and I find myself stuck at the various ratios involved with Liquidity and Solvency...

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do you live in miami shores??


Mum and "soon to be" step dad do...I stay here to study for big tests because the dorm is way to loud at FAU.


But ya, I'm always chillin up at 57th street. We got the crazy fools tryin to wash my car at 1 in the morning at the Taco Bell on 30th (?) and Biscayne.

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haha, nice


my parents live in miami shores. right now, im at the dorms at UM, but i spend summer and other breaks there.


i didnt know anyone on these boards lived near there. good to know :thumbup


Well I'm new to the area. I used to live in Plantation (straight from the ghetto of Jacaranda :shifty )


It's cool during the day, but when I come home late at night, I don't stop the car until I get to the gate! Whereabouts do you live?

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A Jew living in Miami and taking accounting classes.


*Checks off three cliche boxes*




I'm also Cuban





How many gold chains do you own?



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