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Try and watch ESPN2 Thursday night


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First ever nationally televised D3 basketball.. Grinnell (IA) vs. Beloit (WI)


I have a few friends who go to Grinnell and had a buddy that played on the team last year but blew out his knee.



Grinnell plays a whacky style of basketball.. They sub in a whole new team every 2 or 3 minutes and run the hell out of the other team, shoot threes all night long and then all collapse the lane for the rebound. They've led the Nation in scoring the last 10 straight years. Last year they averaged 126.2 points a game... and they give up about just as many.


I remember they played Drake (D1, MVC) a few years ago and lost 162-110.. lol


Anyway, they're not as good this year but still average about 115 points a game so it's a good watch.

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If they were good at making threes, this would be interesting. But, as a basketball fan, this is painful to watch. Many times they have had an easy path to the lane and they throw it out for an impossible three.


its so painful


and hearing the announcers say that Grinnell's coach will sometimes tell his team to let the other team have an open shot just so they can get the ball back

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It's an interesting style of play, but these guys do kind of suck. The decision-making is horrible. And I can't help but wonder if that's not partly a consequence of the system...its hard to get into the flow of the game if you're coming out every 50 seconds or so.


I'd like to see this tried with some better players.


Also, between this and Guilford's 90 footer, this has got to be the biggest week in D3 history.

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Guest FishFanInPA

What was truly amazing was as bad as they were playing, they were in it the whole time. They forced a lot of turnovers and if they were on target from 3, they woulda won...I especially liked it when they said how they played this team and Beloit was 20-21 in the 1st half yet they were losing by 18.

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