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Delgado's real last name is Hernandez?


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On every players' page on baseball-reference.com (the best site for player stats), it lists the players name at the top and then right below it they list their full name including middle names and whatnot. Well on Delgado's page, they list his full name is Carlos Juan Delgado Hernandez... his real last name is Hernandez?



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The Hispanic culture names the child with the father's surname followed by the mother's maiden name. That's why there's so many hyphenate Hispanic names. I think the idea is great. The mother's name doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

It's a centuries old tradition.

As far as the American culture is concerned, the wife (usually-and I know there are exceptions) takes the husband's name and moves her maiden name to a middle name. As far as the government is concerned, I have a first name, a middle name, a maiden name and my married name. Too many letters to fit in the boxes.....


Funny aside- a few years ago, a letter from the Social Security Admin came for my husband but there was a last name I hadn't seen. I asked him who it was and he told me that it was him. His true and legal name. (Jokingly) I immediately voided our marriage saying that I didn't marry a man with that last name. :p

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Using the hyphen symbol is an American thing. Us Hispanics dont use the hyphen symbol, just father's last name followed by a space and followed by the mothers last name. Its funny how people that are not latin get so confused when they see that, they just end up putting a hyphen. We ussually just go by our fathers last name only unless its like an important document or something.

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