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  1. On paper the Marlins are one of the most rounded teams in baseball, we are solid in just about every area like pitchin, hitting, bullpen etc. So why has this team underacheived for most of the season, and even last season. Recently we have been playin better, and are right now on the battle for the wildcard. But for early in the season the team was inconsistant, i believe at one point the team hadnt won 3 games in a row. So what was the main cuase for the inconsitancy? Was it hitting, starting pitchin, bullpen, coachin etc? It seems to me like our offense is very inconsistant, one day they put up alot of runs and the next day it doesnt show up. Why is that? Starting pitchin has been solid, bullpen iffy.
  2. Well the Rockies by nature are slump busters and when u add their ball park it can mean good things for Mike. He is gonna snap put of it pretty soon.
  3. I am pretty sure that Lowell is gonna catch fire pretty soon.? He is due big time, when that happens, should Lowelll move up the lineup to the fifth spot again? 749340[/snapback] When that happens, we go to the opening day lineup of Cabrera/Delgado/Lowell so the other team burns the bullpen in late-inning/close situations. 749894[/snapback] Well if Lowell does get hot and moves up to fifth again, then i think we should keep Delgado in the 3rd spot and Cabrera in the 4th since that seems to be working really well lately.
  4. I am pretty sure that Lowell is gonna catch fire pretty soon. He is due big time, when that happens, should Lowelll move up the lineup to the fifth spot again?
  5. Everyone was bashing him before the season and look at him now. Playing with a lot of confidence. He is doing great but can he keep it up? My guess is no, but i think he will have a very good year for his standards.
  6. I would have said Valdez before when he is truly ready, but with that performance by Moehler yesterday, iam sticking with him now. He pitched great, he was locating his pitches very well, made the Nationals look bad. And congrats for Moehler, his first win in a really long time cuz of the injuries.
  7. The pitchin has been great all season, the offense has been slow but now it looks like its starting to catch up with the pitching. I get the feeling the Marlins are gonna get on a good winning streak pretty soon and grab first place.
  8. Lowell should be the captain. But Conine, Leiter and maybe even Lo Duca deserve consideration.
  9. I think that Sanchez would be a very good bench player on the Marlins, word is that he will sign somewhere by the weekend.
  10. Thats a lenghty injury to come back from, it would be nice if he could get healthy enough and ready enough to join the team by the end of the summer.
  11. Using the hyphen symbol is an American thing. Us Hispanics dont use the hyphen symbol, just father's last name followed by a space and followed by the mothers last name. Its funny how people that are not latin get so confused when they see that, they just end up putting a hyphen. We ussually just go by our fathers last name only unless its like an important document or something.
  12. Lowell has a change if he stays longer and keeps putting numbers up. Sheffield wasent here long enough. Cabrera, he has the ability but will he be here for 10+ years? Its hard to say with so many players changing teams often with free agency and all the trades. Its not like it used to be when players tended to stay with the same team for a long time. Conine was here at the begining and has been part of 2 championship teams, he hasent put up "huge numbers" but he is a fan favorite, Conine is boderline.
  13. Yes Conine is a super star lol. And Leiter use to be a star.
  14. Conine is a star? Its all about money, who offers more money.
  15. what is that great about Jay Gibbons? 671886[/snapback] He is more talented that Encar, and cheaper right now.
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