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2005 Radio-Only Games

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Just in case you were wondering, the following are the games that are not on the FSN, PAX, or FOX schedules. Since almost all of these are on Sunday and Wednesday, they could be picked up by ESPN/ESPN2 (August 14 against the Giants and September 18 vs. Phillies are tentatively scheduled to be ESPN Sunday Night games.):


Wednesday, April 20 vs Mets 7:05 PM

Wednesday, April 27 @ Rockies 8:35 PM

Wednesday, May 25 vs Phillies 7:05 PM

Wednesday, June 8 vs Mariners 7:05 PM

Sunday, June 26 @ Devil Rays 2:15 PM (edit:this game will be seen statewide with D-Rays announcers)

Wednesday, July 6 vs Brewers 7:05 PM

Wednesday, July 27 vs Pirates 7:05 PM

Wednesday, August 3 @ Cardinals 8:10 PM

Sunday, August 14 vs Giants 1:05 PM

Wednesday, August 17 vs Padres 7:05 PM

Wednesday, August 24 @ Brewers 8:05 PM

Thursday, August 25 @ Brewers 2:05 PM

Wednesday, August 31 vs Cardinals 7:05 PM

Wednesday, September 7 @ Nationals 7:05 PM

Wednesday, September 14 @ Astros 8:05 PM

Sunday, September 18 vs Phillies 1:05 PM

Wednesday, September 21 @ Mets 7:10 PM

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You can see every game on MLB.TV if you're not in Florida. I watched practically every game last season, except the Friday night games.



Ok thats awesome. I'll just get it with a credit card thats registered in boston. I usually watch 100 games when I am home in the summer and then have to follow online when I am in boston, or watch when they are on tbs or espn

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Damn, that's alot of games.


Weren't there only 4-5 last year? I remember the games in San Juan had no TV coverage, and perhaps only 1 or 2 more.



Ya you are right it, was was not even close to that many. I am sure if the marlins are good they will just add more like they did in 2003

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ESPN will pick up a good amount of those Wed games I bet



Looks like Boog will be calling some Marlins games afterall :D .


What do you mean 790 is not affiliated with ESPN anymore he won't be calling those games



Boog was hired by by ESPN to be the TV broadcaster for "secondary" Monday and Wednesday night baseball games.

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