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First Picture of Stadium Revealed


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Marlins Reveal First Picture Of Proposed Stadium At Today's Talks


POSTED: 9:04 am EST February 9, 2005

UPDATED: 1:22 pm EST February 9, 2005


MIAMI -- The intergovernmental and cultural affairs committee of the Miami-Dade County commission and city of Miami officials met with Florida Marlins representatives today to discuss a stadium deal. Both sides agreed on one thing -- they have a long way to go.



The first picture of the Marlins proposed stadium was unveiled today. Current plans would put it near the Orange Bowl.


"If you were looking at a marathon race, and we've been in a marathon race because it's been quite awhile, and if you think we're close to the finish line, I would tell you that we're not. I'm not even sure that we're halfway through," said Miami City Manager Joe Arriola.


The first picture of the proposed $420 million, 38,000-seat arena was revealed today amid lingering concerns about how cost overruns would be handled. Right now, the Marlins have agreed to a lien on the team to cover the overruns.


"A lien on the franchise is strong, but it's not strong," said Miami-Dade County manager George Burgess. "It's significant, but then again, it?s a little difficult to own and sell a team in the middle of construction."


The lien issue worries some commissioners too.


"In reality, if we have a three-quarter built stadium, I mean we're going to complete the stadium OK. (We're) not going to say, 'Well you can't pony up.' Eventually, we're going to have to complete the stadium. So I have a little bit of a concern with how we control that and how we guarantee it doesn't come out of the pockets of citizens," said Commissioner Carlos Gimenez.


Despite such misgivings and others, the subcommittee approved a non-binding memorandum of understanding and sent it on to the full county commission, which will consider it March 1.


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Guest Moneyball

I guess the jumbo tron is gonna be in RF. Also a first since the ballpark explosion.


It's gonna have three decks.


Edit: I forgot Minute Maid has the jumbo tron in RF.

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