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What is the grossest/scariest/weird/sickest thing


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Goatse is downright sick.


Tub girl is pretty damn nasty...it made me feel throw up build in my throat.


Lemonparty actually made me chuckle for half a second


Divine Interventions pissed me off


Rotten.com can sometimes be funny....


People are just sick that can run these type of things....

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Goatse is horrible.


That day some users on IGN's Vestibule rioted with endless pics of it and some tubgirl and pictures of dead bodies scattered in was one of the worst days in internet history. I covered my screen after awhile just to not see any more of it. Unfortunately I had to moderate it because I was there.

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what's goatse and the interventions one?



Below is a Vesti Artist Rendition of Goatse. Not for the ASCII user faint of heart.




Admin, if this textly done picture violates the TOS, just delete. I wasn't quite sure where it's not an actual picture.


I have no idea what Divine Intervention is.


EDIT: I just found out what Divine Interventions was. Yeah, that's pretty damn offensive. That's getting my vote for worst thing on the internet.

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Goatse is a very disturbing picture of a person spreading his backside wide open...


I really don't think you want to look for it.


Normally I'm against censorship. But do we really need that on the internet?



Out of sight, out of mind.

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