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It Is My Time...To Bid Farewell


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This site used to be a place I loved coming to and posting at. It could be a board of great discussion and of fun at the same time...but recently its become a joke and really immature...


So Ive decided to myself and some of you a favor and leave this large community that Admin has built and discontinue posting here.


Those who I have met through here will know where to find me.



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Well, he's definitely right about how immature some of the people here have become... The biggest thing is people lashing out at others because they don't like a topic... It's like 20 people here have deemed themselves the thread police..


Anyways, that won't keep me away from talking baseball with the best Marlins fans in the world.

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But Passion---what about our fantasy league!



Really, I completely agree about the 'thread police' issue. I've posted a few opinionated topics only to be completely bashed and cursed out. I think the animosity among members of the board is becoming quite extreme.


You can call me a ferry, or call me a 'nancy' (Ooh, it hurts), but we need to bring some love back onto these forums :thumbup


During the Carlos Delgado ordeal, everyone seemed to get along perfectly and we all partook in threads without any contention or unnecessary negativity. I'm not saying you can't argue or deny a point--but tone down the hate a little.


That being said--I really did enjoy your rants after basketball games, and your intelligent commentary on various subjects. I share many of your final sentiments.

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