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Pictures of the new larger nets in the NHL


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Yes this is the real thing, no it's not a photoshop. They debuted it at an Amerks AHL game as a "trial."




Go HERE for a video: http://www.sabres.com/net_design.php


Despite the current labor situation in the NHL, the Sabres have been trying to create innovative concepts to improve the game of hockey.


The first concept was directed towards improving the look of the game on television and was unveiled during the Rochester Americans and Cleveland Barons game on March 20th, when the two teams skated on blue ice at HSBC Arena.


The second concept is focused directly on increasing scoring ? a goal cage with bowed bars - and was unveiled during the second intermission of the April 3rd game between the Amerks and St. John?s Maple Leafs.


The first ever sighting of these prototypes was during a shootout between Bowman Cup participants from Buffalo and Rochester.


The new cages took the original look of the nets and expanded the bars outwards in a rounded arch three inches on either side and six inches on the top. There is one parameter that has not changed; the nets still adhere to the post-to-post width of six feet.


With the expansion, the scoring area has been increased by more than 12 percent.


Not only does the concept open more space for shooting, but the bowed design makes it difficult for goaltenders to hug the posts.


In effect, goalies will be forced to rely more on instinct, awareness and quickness, rather than simply cutting down the standard angles of the game.


If the nets are adopted, the goaltending position will change drastically. Goalies will be forced to become more athletic and inventive.


These prototype nets will be presented on April 7th in Detroit during the NHL?s general manager?s meeting.

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Guest Fritz

and even less people would watch


Is that possible?


For those who dont like the nets being changed, not to worry the NHL will never get to use them.



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