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Rumsfeld: "We don't have an exit strategy..."


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April 12 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. has no exit strategy or timetable for withdrawing its forces from Iraq and a pull-out depends on the readiness of the Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said.






Here's the real exit strategy: :lol



What do you think the chances of this happening are?

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You had an ample opportunity to foster reasonable discussion through shamrock's cordial question for your opinion.


Instead you chose to antagonize someone again with another condecending line of inquiry.


Asking for an example of a claim isn't condecending.


As for Shamrock's question - do you really believe it required an answer? Do you really believe they are so uninformed as to not know what the real probability of that question is? Maybe if he/she/it were a 10 year old, but he/she/it isn't 10 based on their language usage in past posts.


OK though, I'll humor you.


My opinion the chances of that happening is somewhere between very very slim and none. To put a number on it: 0.00001


A glance at this sat pic tell the whole "Iran (non)invasion" story...for anyone who is at least a bit cluefull that is.

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