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Fish of the Week (April 18 - April 24)


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Stats for the Week


Delgado - .320 AVG .379 OBP 1 HR 5 RBI 25 AB

Encarnacion - .320 AVG .393 OBP 1 HR 9 RBI 25 AB

Cabrera - .400 AVG .423 OBP 0 HR 4 RBI 25 AB

LoDuca - .471 AVG .565 OBP 0 HR 4 RBI 17 AB

Castillo - .400 AVG .556 OBP 0 HR 2 RBI 20 AB

Moehler - 1.50 ERA 1 W 1 L 12 IP 3 BB 9 K

Burnett - 3.00 ERA 0 W 0 L 6 IP 5 BB 13 K and a triple!


If you choose other, please reply with choice.

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Guest Juanky

Brian Moehler, because he put up stellar numbers from the 5 spot.


Close second for The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Juan Encarnacion.

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While I voted for Brian Moehler I could have easily voted for Enc or Luis or a couple of other major contributors.


In voting for Moehler I did it in recognition not just of his actual contribution but also his guts, determination and drive that brought him to this point in his career. A lesser man might have given up years ago, called it a day and no one would have thought less of him.


Without Moehler the Fish might have been in the uneviable position of having to depend on a Nate Bump or Frank Castillo, rushing an Olsen into the bigs with potentially disastrous consequences, or worse having to trade prospects or a position player to fill the void.


I'm glad he's a Marlins and this week he earned my vote.

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