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Cool stuff planned for Marlins TV in 2006


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Well guys, you are going to absolutely love this. FSN Florida is thinking big in 2006. They currently have several new things in development that will knock your socks off!


1) The first thing you all already know. FSN Florida will have at least 150 Marlins games locally televised and on the MLB Extra Innings Package to enjoy.


2) All games will feature the Marlins on Deck Pregame Show and Postgame Coverage.


3) At least all home games will be in Spanish via SAP. However, FSN is going to launch a test FSN West en Espa?ol out in LA for the Dodgers, Angels, and Lakers. If it works, FSN Florida en Espa?ol is next with maybe 150 games in Spanish....graphics and all!


4) Around 50% of the 150 games will be in High Definition.


5) FSN hopes to launch FSN Florida On Demand for cable subscribers. Those who have Digital Cable may already have other On Demand services. Comcast in South Florida is rolling out this service this month, FSN will add its programming sometime in 2006 if all goes right. This service allows you to watch archive Marlins telecasts without taping them. You just call them up for free on your remote. FSN has been beta testing this in Wisconsin with the FSN North for the last 2 seasons or so.


6) We may see a Nightly Sports Report added to FSN Florida and/or Sun Sports that may offer year-round coverage of the Marlins.


7) Expansion of Sun Sports/FSN's Inside series to include Inside the Marlins


8) It may be possible to see all 162 Marlins games in 2006 on TV. Between FSN, ESPN, FOX, and TBS of course.


9) If Al Leiter retires, he will be offered a deal to do some games with Rich and Tommy as part of a three man booth.


10) FSN Florida will try to rapidly expand its cable penetration in parts of Florida such as Orlando, Daytona, Melbourne, Tallahassee, and Sarasota.


Much more to come. FSN has made the big promise to the Marlins. FSN wants to beat Comcast's upcoming Dolphins Channel in the race to most features.

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Guest Moneyball

We haven't had a Nightly Sports Report on FSN in years now.


Hopefully this take our growing media empire to the next level.

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Great news.? This will bring FSN on par with other teams coverage


This would put the Marlins in front of every else period.


I wouldn't say in front of everyone else, although we would be top of the line, I think that MSG angle thing mentioned by Accord would make them on top. That definitely sounds amazing, would be great to watch from different angles. Some positive changes though, and you've got to start somewhere.

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