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Dead Fish of the Week (May 2 - May 8)

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Stats For The Week


Encarnacion - .238 AVG .304 OBP 0 HR 0 RBI 21 AB

Lowell - .200 .350 OBP 0 HR 1 RBI 15 AB

Gonzalez - .105 AVG .105 OBP 0 HR 0 RBI 19 AB

Leiter - 1 W 1 L 9.00 ERA 9 IP 8 BB 4 K


If you choose other, please reply with choice.

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Leiter for me. He got blown up by a horrible Rockies team that our other pitchers only allowed 1 run to in 23 innings at home.



Leiter- 8 ER in 4 innings

The rest- 1 ER in 23 innings.


HM- Gonzalez



While it might be better to argue this in some other thread, I don't agree at all that the Colorado Rockies are "horrible", in fact they remind me alot of the 2001-2002 Florida Marlins.


The team has alot of talent and will, in the next year or so, perhaps even sooner, start winning a ton of games. Right now they are about three players short of being as good as anyone out there. Once they jettison Preston Wilson and his salary, and their kids start to mature,they are going to give their division rivals fits.


At least that's my opinion.


As for Leiter, Gonzalez and the rest, players have good and bad weeks. I honestly believe Leiter's problems are all in his head and if the Miami Marlins could get the guy an early lead a few times I suspect he'd soon find himself again. I think he's still pitching with the same mentality as last year, so afraid to give up a run he winds up giving up many.


No one can convince me Brian Moehler (who I like) is a better "pitcher" than Al. But right now Moehler is pitching smart (letting the defense make your outs for you) and Leiter isn't. He trying to carry the burden himself. When starts inducing ground balls the guys behind him will take care of business.


So I don't have a DFOTW or at least I'm not ready to throw in the towel on any of these guys.

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Guest Juanky

Al Leiter


None of the others singlehandidly put us out of a game this week, and hell Enc and Mikey were still getting on base at a good clip.

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