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Does Cabrera or Delgado (or Conine) DH?

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I never really put much thought into it... I just assumed Cabrera is a defensive liability so naturally, we'd just put Conine in LF.


Some arguments you could make for:


"Cabrera is a defensive liability. He should be the DH."


"Delgado isn't the greatest defensive 1B. Conine would be a defensive upgrade. He's played every day this year and could use the rest of being a DH. Plus, he has 574 career ABs as a DH. He should be the DH."


"Conine will most likely be our 4th OF this year. We need to get him the feel of hitting off the bench ala the pinch hitter. DHing would be good practice for that. Plus he has 174 career ABs as a designated hitter. He should be the DH."



Against DH:


"Cabrera only has 4 ABs as a DH in his young career. We don't want to mess with the flow of our best hitter."


"Conine needs time on the field. He can't sit on the bench the whole year. He needs to be out there before he goes crazy.."



Delgado gets my vote... I can't really think of any arguments against except the defensive liability of a LF might be more important then the defensive liability of a 1B.



Any thoughts? I can't sleep (again).

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