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The Official 2005 MLB Draft Thread


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Ill look forward to having some people in here tommorrow to start the Draft which starts at 12:30 PM tommorrow.


You can watch the telecast on MLB.com.


First Round

1. Diamondbacks

2. Royals

3. Mariners

4. Nationals

5. Brewers

6. Blue Jays

7. Rockies

8. Devil Rays

9. Mets

10. Tigers

11. Pirates

12. Reds

13. Orioles

14. Indians

15. White Sox

16. Marlins

17. Yankees (from Phillies for Type B Jon Lieber)

18. Padres

19. Rangers

20. Cubs

21. Athletics

22. Marlins (from Giants for Type A Armando Benitez)

23. Red Sox (from Angels for Type A Orlando Cabrera)

24. Astros

25. Twins

26. Red Sox (from Dodgers for Type A Derek Lowe)

27. Braves

28. Cardinals (from Red Sox for Type A Edgar Renteria)

29. Marlins (from Yankees for Type A Carl Pavano)

30. Cardinals


Supplemental First Round

31. Diamondbacks (for Type A Richie Sexson)

32. Rockies (for Type A Vinny Castilla)

33. Indians (for Type A Omar Vizquel)

34. Marlins (for Benitez)

35. Padres (for Type A David Wells)

36. Athletics (for Type A Damian Miller)

37. Angels (for Type A Troy Percival)

38. Astros (for Type A Carlos Beltran)

39. Twins (for Type A Corey Koskie)

40. Dodgers (for Type A Adrian Beltre)

41. Braves (for Type A Jaret Wright)

42. Red Sox (for Type A Pedro Martinez)

43. Cardinals (for Renteria)

44. Marlins (for Pavano)

45. Red Sox (for Cabrera)

46. Cardinals (for Type A Mike Matheny)

47. Red Sox (for Lowe)

48. Orioles (for failure to sign Wade Townsend)


Second Round

51. Dodgers (from Mariners for Beltre)

52. Rockies (from Nationals for Castilla)

53. Athletics (from Brewers for Miller)

54. Twins (from Blue Jays for Koskie)

57. Red Sox (from Mets for Martinez)

58. Angels (from Tigers for Percival)

63. Yankees (from White Sox for Type B Orlando Hernandez)

70. Cardinals (from Giants for Matheny)

76. Padres (from Red Sox for Wells)

77. Braves (from Yankees for Wright)


Supplemental Second Round

79. Marlins (for Type C Mike Redmond, signed with Twins)

80. Twins (for Type C Henry Blanco, signed with Cubs)


Third Round

83. Diamondbacks (from Mariners for Sexson)

84. Twins (from Nationals for Type B Cristian Guzman)

89. Astros (from Mets for Beltran)

102. Indians (from Giants for Vizquel)

108. Cubs (from Red Sox for Type B Matt Clement)

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The big day is here. I'm hoping for a miracle (Clement at #16, Volstadt at #22).


Clement is being said to go to the Seattle Mariners at no. 3.


I think Volstad will be yours, or Carillo.


Here's hoping that the Red Sox get Hansen!

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