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Fish Tank Frenzy

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Any input or recommendations



V. Mart?nez (Cle - C)

D. Lee (ChC - 1B)

C. Counsell (Ari - 2B,SS) (waiver pick up), drafted Uribe, picked up Belliard, now w/current

A. Huff (TB - 1B,3B,OF)

M. Young (Tex - SS)

J. Damon (Bos - OF)

M. Alou (SF - OF)(my best pick up, nobody had him when he was on DL, picked him up just before he came back)

K. Mench (Tex - OF) (recent pick up, dropped Nixon for him, had Monroe also)

N. Johnson (Was - 1B) (Picked up about a month ago dropped Carlos Silva)

H. Matsui (NYY - OF)



J. Westbrook (Cle - SP)

C. Capuano (Mil - SP) (pick up off waivers, he has been HUGE)

Jo. Santana (Min - SP)

B. Moehler (Fla - SP,RP)(pick up off waivers)

J. Schmidt (SF - SP)(this hurts, especially when I had the chance at the beginning of the year to trade him for C. Zambrano)

D. Lowe (LAD - SP)

G. Maddux (ChC - SP)

B. Arroyo (Bos - SP)

B. Wickman (Cle - RP)

C. Reitsma (Atl - RP)(dropped mierda Kolb for Reitsma)

M. Batista (Tor - SP,RP)

J. Isringhausen (StL - RP)


I am currently in 1st place but 2nd place is a half game back on me, which I am playing this week and we are currently tied, 3rd place is 4.5 games back, and 4th place is 6 games back...its pretty tight at top, I am 23.5 games on top of the last place team...I dont know if my team can hold out in the playoffs, for instance our 4th place team has only lost one week and he lost by a score of 5-4, my team has lost 2 weeks out of 9 but I have won big two weeks 9-1 and 10-0...fantasy sports is so umpredictable

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I never offered you Zambrano for Schmitty


and some advise for your team...DROP EVERYBODY


LOL what a homo and yeah you did say you would give me Zambrano for Schmitty, whether you were high or not is another question.


EDIT: Drop Everyone? What am I 10 games up on your sorry team. Not to mention you only have 6 moves left for the remainder of the season

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