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Future Marlins go head to head

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Kris Harvey(Clemson) and SS Paul Witt(Baylor) face each other today in the Super Regional


Paul Witt had a nice lay out catch deep in the hole. He went 2-4 with a run


Harvey 1-3 should have been 2-4 with an RBI, but his last at bat(a rocket shot)

went the other way through the 2B, and gave the 2B an error


another player in the Super Regional is Andrew Jenkins of Oregon St.

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I didn't think Andy Jenkins(Oregon St 11th pick) could top Harvey(Clemson 2nd pick) but WOW.


first he drove in the Beavers first run on a sac.


second in the fifth he broke up USC's Ian Kennedy, the Pacific-10 Conference pitcher of the year, no-hit bid with a single


third in the eighth inning he breaks the game open with a three run-HR


Unbelievable game by 1B Andy Jenkins(" In the middle, you've got Andy Jenkins, a Steve Garvey-looking first baseman with power to all fields." ESPN)


What I've notice watching this games is what type of player the fish draft leaders of there team....gamers. Guys that really step up


today game between USC/OSU is at 9pm ESPN2, Clemson/Baylor is at 4pm on ESPN

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Today Paul Witt(Baylor) outplayed Kris Harvey(Clemson)


Paul Witt had a very good game, went the other way with both his hits(double, single) and score a run. Witt is a very smart baserunner. He's only mistake was throwing error to 1B, the kid just doesn't have the arm to play SS. He didn't have the mustard to get to 1B on the play.He's a 2B for sure.


Kris Harvey was keep off-balance all day by the brillant pitching of Mark McCormick. He hardly saw a fastball from this power righty. In his only hit of the day McCormick threw him three straight nasty curveball, before Harvey took the third to LF.


Speaking of McCormick what an arm. The Cards got a steal at 43(1st round). His fastball was sitting between 91-97 all day. His breaking ball 74-78 NASTY. O by the way he tops out at 101mph thats AJ Burnett fast.This kid is a future 1# no question about it, we'll see him in ML in 2-3 yrs. I wish the fish would have considered this kid, but I know why not his agent...Scott Boras.


lets see what our other future fish Andrew Jenkins does tonight against USC

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Average games for both Harvey and Witt. Harvey went 2-4 with a monster shot to give Clemson only run of the day. Witt went 0-4 but had some good defensive plays including the two out in 9th a lay out catch going toward 2B WOW.


In the other game Andy Jenkins(OSU) went 0-4 and was HBP in a loss to USC last night. I have a feeling he'll step up big today

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