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Cubs Game Friday July 8th


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Alright boys, I have a mission for you. Going to school in central Illinois has taught me a few things about baseball. Now I will refrain from the usual "South Florida wouldn't know baseball if it bit them on the ass" comments here. However, I will tell you this....one thing Cubs fans hate is being reminded about their ability to consistently fail. Now, I am very upset at myself that I have not collected any Cubs apperal in my time in Illinois especially after my many visits to Wirgley (mostly because I have been bread to be a Cardinals fan).


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to dress up as the one and only Steve Bartman. The more Bartman we can get out to the games this weekend the better. If you need incentive (besides pissing off a bunch of cubs fans) is that you'll most likely get on TV/JumboTron. If you need a picture of what Steve looks like here it is:




We need to rally the troops here. Its always fun to hassel a team whos 100 year old dreams you've ruined. Who's with me?


PS: I'll be at the game friday night behind the home dugout.

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Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to dress up as the one and only Steve Bartman....



You want us to wear a SWEATER and jeans to a game in mid-July? Sorry, man -- I'll pass. :lol


Fear not, however -- for I will be wearing my 2003 championship t-shirt and hat, and my WS ring, for the pleasure of all Cub fans in attendance.

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I've got some nice sign ideas. Especially since I know the usual chant of cubs fans in chicago and what Cardinals fans chant back to them. I just wish Sammy was still on the team so i could do a corked bat deal.


Note: I was up at school last summer so I wasn't here to enjoy the post NLCS Cubs bashing. Also, if you EVER have a chance to go to a Cubs v Cardinals game go to one.

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