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Zach Day is healthy


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Enc is having a very good year in a park that is unkind towards hitters. However, he's not in our future plans at RF with Hermida banging on the door and potentially ready right now. Still, it's a tricky situation. He's producing great numbers in the thick of the wild card race. And on the flip he most likely won't be with us next season while moving him could net us a cheaper piece (Day?) of our 2006 team, while helping us immediately. Another negative to trading Enc is that 9ner hasn't done anything to reveal that he's anything more than a spot-starting pinch-hitter. And, well, Willingham probably won't get a shot. Tough call. I'd trade him.

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Looks like the other two parties went on without us....or maybe we're still part of this somehow?




Preston Wilson - OF - COL



TSN's Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Preston Wilson will be traded to the Nationals for Zach Day and J.J. Davis if the Rockies agree to pick up enough of Wilson's salary.

Wilson could also block the trade or at least hold out for an extension, since the Nationals are on his no-trade list. That Wilson is an obvious downgrade from Ryan Church based on this year's numbers makes this look like a loser for the Nationals. However, they don't view Day or Davis as pieces of their future. Day would make a lot of sense in Coors Field, and his presence would make it easier for the team to trade Joe Kennedy and Shawn Chacon. Davis might get much of an opportunity with the Rockies.

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