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Cornette fired by WWE


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Add Jim Cornette to the list gone, as it was only a matter of time. He just got done serving a month suspension for a backstage blowup at Kevin Fertig in OVW- this time, he slapped a wrestler several times backstage. It gave Johnny Ace (not a Cornette fan) the excuse to let him go.


I've always been a Cornette fan, and think he is one of the greatest minds in the history of the business. With Heyman's contract running out soon, could you imagine if those two could work together as bookers? That would be awesome.

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He ran Smoky Mountain Wrestling down south years back; in fact, he was a big-wig in the southern states back when territories were still around.


Best known as a manager of great tag-teams: The Midnight Express, The Rock 'n' Roll Express, Heavenly Bodies. Went to WWE in mid-90's and went on to manage the Bodies, Yokozuna and others. Also was a commentator during his time in WWE; very old-school mentality to wrestling, and was a writer during the territory time as well as early on in WWE; much like Paul Heyman, he had a tendency to rub members of the writing staff the wrong way.


When WWE created developmental territories, he was sent to work with OVW (the AAA of WWE). He's been there for years.


I'm tempted to pick up a Jim Cornette shoot interview on DVD....something about that man makes me listen up no matter what he talks about.


Hope that helps answer your question.

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I remember him with the Rock n' Roll Express back in the day. I can also remember him carrying around that damn tennis rachet where ever he went. :lol





Btw, he's the guy in the middle.




It's the Midnight Express.......and by the way that is not a picture of the midnight express. You have one half of the ME (Bobby Eaton) and the other guy is "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell. Sorry, I grew up with the old NWA of Jim Crockett Promotions. :thumbup

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- There are RUMORS coming out of Louisville that on Wednesday, 7/13, former ECW owner Paul Heyman will be taking over Jim Cornette duties of match making and possibly doing color commentator with Dean Hill. We will you keep posted.


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