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hi i'm a new user


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are you as dumb as Fkav?


let's make this scientific like the pepsi challenge:



Exhibit A:

Im sorry all is forgiven! Blinkers are back on. Carlos you are a God!! you can do no wrong! How could I have doubted you.


Bless me board for I have sinned! I actually thought this was a discussion board. Now I realise I have mortally offended the founding fathers for daring to mention the lack of defense in God's (carlos's) armery.


I will forever cheer from my seat every time I glimpse the great one at first base and only hope I am worthy.


Please don't turn this board into a cubs board where no opinions are justifed only mindless atacks. The marlins deserve better than that.


Exhibit B:

i still can't believe delgado's error's tonight :banghead . i really miss d. lee and no i'm not just saying that because of the year he's having this year. i wish we had his glove and we could put delgado out in right field our something. why do we make errors in crucial times? i mean i think there were 6 count em 6 unearned runs tonight. gonzo made a error and delgado really hurt us even though that was a bad throw by luis. i immeadeatly thought of D.Lee. did u know we have given up 56 runs in the past 6 games. that's a great stat :bangdesk . i sure hope willis has a great start tomorrrow we really need it. if you look at it on the bright side rookie olsen didn't pitch to badly :thumbup we need him to play well and so far he's doing a hell of a job.


so who wins?

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