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Anyone who doesn't think the Yankees need pitching


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I'll give you Brown, Bernie (although I doubt he will ever get dealt), and cash for JP


enough for a stadium?







As for the Yankees, they have nothing we would want (that they'd trade). If yall will give us Sheffield/money and he's happy, you can have AJ and Enc. :thumbup

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kevin brown and bernie williams for a.j burnett and juan pierre

i do that is yankees take everyones contract and but us a stadium :)





Can someone translate this into english?


And I guess he didn't see Kevin Brown last night :D



"I would do that, if the Yankees pay everyone and buy a stadium for us"

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Look, the yanks are getting aj they are too late for that ship has already sailed unfortunately. They screwed about too much for it.


But if they were in it

I wouldnt mind the following deal


Duncan/gordon/ Pavano (cash) for Lowell/Enc/AJ


They get their pitching, they get a guy that could be moved to first or move Arod to first and have 3B defensively mastered. Plus they like lowell, steinbuthead wants him back. Enc is the perfect Center fieldder for the Yanks stadium. It would fill all of their voids at once.


Pavano is hurt and doesnt fit their park, Duncan wouldnt be needed with lowell out there and Arod out there. and Gordon is hurt too, but what we need.

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