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Marlins FO in turmoil?


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Looks like there is a rift between Beinfest and Loria. Apparently Beinfest is the one who wants to get rid of McKeon, and Loria is not seeing eye to eye with him.


Loria feels loyalty to McKeon for winning the WS in '03, but IMO we just need a change right now. We have all the pieces in place, yet we're not winning. The frustrating thing about any potential trade is that we shouldn't need any help, we have the guys out there that can lead us to the postseason. In that situation the manager has to go, even if it's just a change for the sake of change.


If this is true, which it seems to validate some of the tidbits we had already heard, it is an ominous sign. Beinfest is a very good GM, and even better for a small market team like us. It would hurt us a lot to lose him.


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I'm sure that Loria values the contributions of both Beinfest and McKeon. Just because Loria and Beinfest might have conflicting views in regards to McKeon's status should not imply that Beinfest's job is in jeopardy. Talk about a stretch...these type of disagreements happen every day in the business world. Beinfest would remiss if he did not consider all of his options. The ultimate decision will rest with Loria and I am fairly certain that Beinfest will follow the company line.

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