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Pics from last nights game


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There are more on the way, these are just what I had time to upload:


View from our seats



Poo-holes doing some mid inning adjusting



Beckett winding up



Beckett deleviring



Busch Stadium scoreboard



Lenny coming up to bat



Me, leaving the game in an extremely bad mood(it was too hot for the black alternate jersey...I was sweating my arse off



Banner in New Busch, directly over where homeplate will be



The Arch, as we are getting ready to go across the Poplar St Bridge



A look at Big Mac Land, where if a Cardinal hits a homerun everyone with a ticket to that game gets a free Big Mac...another leftover from the McGwire days



Izzy getting ready to deliver to Niner



Louie coming up to bat in the 1st



Morris getting ready to deliver to Cabs, with Niner on 2nd



Alfie getting ready to go into his windup



Mikey getting ready to step into batters box in the 1st, right before he smashed that ball that fell just short of a HR


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Ya no problem. Leaving my seats I kicked a cup of soda and splashed the row in front of me, they werent happy but I was pissed. On a plus though, I call Josh Big Tex, own personal nickname, and the guys behind me overheard me. Well, just talking amongst themselves in the 5th goes "Man Big Tex is throwing good tonight"...I started laughing, turned around and gave them a thumbs up, and he goes "ya that nicknames gonna stick now"

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