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My Thursday Line-up

Flag Man

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Been on a bit of a roll on "My Tuesday" and "My Wednesday" suggestions.

Cab's was moved up to 3rd with Niner covering his back. And Gonzo was moved up.

Today is wierd because we don't know which of the wounded warriors may be back. And what they can handle. That said:


Pierre CF

Easley 2B

Cabs LF

Conine 1B

Gonzo SS

Lowell 3B

Aguila RF

Treanor C

Moehler P


Pinch-hitters: Encarnacion and LoDuca. Too soon to start either.

Game will turn, more than ever, on Relievers.

Keep Gonzo in the 5 spot and give Easley a start.

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Again man, I expect the same lineup.


Why change lineups when we are winning? If anything, Encarnacion will start for Aguila.



agreed. jack is known to stick with the hot hand. if they are winning with the current lineup then it will stay that way. no sense tinkering when we are having success. even alex looked more comfy at the 5 spot last night. hopefully the couple of things jack and bill helped JP with on his swing the past few days will lead to more production from him aswell. he already looked much better last night getting on base numerous times

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the way our bench players have played lately...doesnt it kinda make you question why the hell jack never used them earlier in the year...for a more regular day off and whatnot...they are stepping up big now that they have some regular time



Good point. I agree. If anything, the injuries could prove to be very beneficial for the team - all this playing has made the bench sharper and I am sure the players sitting out will benefit from this rest.

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