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Willingham batting gloves


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There is a game used pair on ebay, I keep getting outbid for these. Any ideas what you all would pay for them? right now it is up to 13.00 bucks. Not too bad I guess. But i dont really track what the items normally are worth, just keep them for myself when I can get my hands on neat stuff. Specially marlins stuff. What do you all think?

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I just like to collect stuff like that. Never had bid on batting gloves before. I have a game used ball by ricky henderson hit out and signed for me in spring training as a kid.. and a sheff game used (broken) bat that he signed and used. I was curious what would be too much.


shamrock if that is you bidding on it, i wouldnt outbid yas then. Rather not outbid one of the faithful here on the website :)


But, I saw them and thought neato never had seen batting gloves before. Be something different and neato!

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Guest Moneyball

I'd say go for it. What's the price on a new pair anyways? 8-9 bucks.


If they're game used I say bid more.



$8-9 :lol


Most major league quality gloves go for at least $30+.



I've seen the same gloves I have on ML players.


Bought them at Sports Authority for 10 bucks.

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