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My prospect dream


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If we were to totally restock... Keep in mind, this is all just for fun. None of these exact trades will ever happen but its fun to think about.. just a little change of pace from the threads of today




JP for Pie

Delgado for Guzman and Billingsly

LoDuca and Luis for Miledge and Petit

Mota for Closser


C - Closser

1B - Guzman

2B- Andino

SS - Ramirez

3B - Cabs

LF - Miledge

CF - Pie

RF - Hermida



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I'll give it a shot, trying to be somewhat realistic:

Pierre to White Sox for D. Marte

Delgado to Mets for Petit/M. Jacobs

Castillo to Mets for Heilman

Lo Duca to D-Backs for G. Aquino

Mota to Yankees for B. Crosby

Villone to Yankees for ptbnl


1. Aguila (CF)

2. Ramirez-S (SS)

3. Hermida-L (RF)

4. Cabrera (3B)

5. Conine (LF)

6. Easley (2B)

7. Jacobs-L (1B)

8. Willingham ©


SP Willis- L

SP Heilman

SP Vargas- L

SP Johnson

SP Olsen- L


BP Aquino/Marte-L/Alfonseca/Messenger/Resop/Bump

BN Harris-L/Crosby-L/Amezaga/Treanor/Andino/J. Wilson

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Delgado to the Mets :( for Pettit and Jacobs


LoDuca to Dodgers for Billingsly


Pierre for Rowand and Cash


Mota+ Villone for Henn + PTBNL




2nd L Castillo

RF J. Hermida

3B M Cabrera

1B B Jacobs

LF J Connie/J Willingham

SS H Ramirez

CF A Rowand

C M Treanor


Starting Rotation

LHP D. Willis

RHP J. Johnson

LHP J Vargas

RHP Pettit

LHP S Olsen

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Send a prospect with Pierre for Anderson. If the Angels resign Molina Mathis deal would happen possibly. I'd do Villone, Mota, and Reed for Pie. If we trade Castillo, get a few position prospects(I dont want that to happen but think will).











Could work.

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