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OMG Luongo


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That's 12 consecutive losses in a row. We've come this far, we might as well go for the franchise record (13) and then the NHL record (18).




Even though we lost, I was excited to see Alexander The Great score, he was my all-time favorite player when I was growing up as a kid in Buffalo and was a huge Sabres fan, brought back some great memories.


some good memories there.

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Panthers right now are very close to being the worst team in the league.


I am actually glad I didnt go last night because I would have been booing the whole game and left in the second period.

At least its November and there is a lot of time. :confused



To get worse?


Luongo will be traded by halfway through the year :thumbdown :plain

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thats why I dont support the panthers they shouldve stayed at the Miami Arena >_<

And that is why you should have no say. The Panthers used state funding and got themselves a beautiful arena which happens to house many great events. Maybe you'd want a hockey only stadium too, but of course, you have no idea what sharing the arena does to the ice.


And if you were really a fan in the first place, you would've supported the move. But of course, you probably don't understand much about hockey or baseball. Or politics.



If you want to blame somebody for sitting on the Marlins money, blame Arison. He took the best spot in the entire city to put a baseball stadium. He also happens to be one of the richest people in the entire world. Much richer than Huizinga. Arison also helped to kill the original state funding plan of the cruise tax. But you probably weren't a Marlin fan then and thus wouldn't have any knowledge. Arison could've built the entire arena himself without the government's help. But you know, a basketball arena makes perfect sense on the water. So go back under your rock and stay there as you obviously have nothing constructive to add.

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