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What is the best way you can see all the Marlins games out of state like on T.V.? Can you also watch all Heat and Dolphins games this way?



DirectTV + MLB extra innings + NFL Sunday ticket + NBA League Pass


You'll be looking at spending lots of money to get all that though.


Ok I am thinking about get Satellite Radio for myself for a christmas present. Does XM offer some like sirius does that allows you to listen to it in the car and your house?



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Sirius: NFL, NBA, SEC, NHL(moving to XM exclusively soon)


I have XM and am interested in a Jeep that will likely bring Sirius. I have Dish Network which includes Sirius' music channels and I like both. They are different in many respects, but serve similar functions.



XM also has the Pac 10 and I want to say the Big East. Sirius only has some NBA games.

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