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Download the 24 Season 5 Prequel


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Yeah, TV's best show is nearing it's return. If you're not gonna buy the Season 4 DVD on Tuesday (as I'm not, since I got a DVD off ebay with all the episodes ripped off a Hong Kong Satellite or something last summer on eBay for 20 bucks), you can download the season five prequel here (just click on the "click here to download" box in the right hand corner - it takes about 45 seconds to load). The necessary audio codec is available here.


I'm looking forward to season five, and hoping they can improve on the disappointments that plagued parts of Season 4 (yes, I know others will disagree). From reading some spoilers on other message boards about the first six or so episodes, I'm cautiously optimistic that this will be one of the best seasons yet.

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I just started Season 1. :(



You're in for a hell of a ride if you do all four.


I did season 1 back in high school when it was on TV, then sporadically viewed season 2 and 3 in college when I didn't have cable until I got caught up last year (and finally got full time non-pirated cable).


I think it's a better show to view on DVD than TV anyway, just because you don't have to wait the week or so for the next episode. It gets addicting.



Thanks. This show is exceedingly stupid sometimes, but I just can't say no. Every season I pray it ends as strong as it begins. Maybe this will be the year.


Agreed on all counts. It's ridiculously implausible at times, though not as bad as some other shows in this regard. Still, it's nearly impossible to turn off once you get going on it.

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This show rocks, hard. I have no idea why I never gave it a try, I guess it always looked a little hokey to me per the commercials but it is fantastic.


I am 14 hours into Season 1 now and I can definitely see why it is better for DVD viewing then the wait a week for each hour like it is on TV.


I am really impressed by how much back story, personal story, and emotional parts you can get out of a show as fast paced as this. The acting is also really good for an action show. Dennis Haysbert is just a tremendous figure, he commands your attention in every scene he is in. Kiefer as Jack Bauer is convincing. I am also enjoying looking at Sarah Clarke (Nina), she is a pure beauty.


I will definitely look into buying seasons 2-4 after Christmas.

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Good to see someone else enjoys the show.


The first season is fantastic, just so many good elements all around.


For the DVD's, you can get pretty cheap copies off of eBay - sometimes they'll sell season paired together for good prices.


New season starts January 15 - don't know if you'll be able to do everything by then (it'd be a hell of a time committment), but Season 5 looks to be pretty cool as well. The new trailer that was played at the billboard awards a few nights ago was awesome (not that I watch the billboard awards - it's available for download on the internet).

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I will probably just download the season 5 episodes after they aire off a torrent site, stock up on them and watch them when I can.


The Shield, one of the 5 shows I actually dedicate time to is coming up and that combined with Lost and then 24 will be alot, so downloading 24 and getting to it when I can will probably work.


One of my close friends, the one who bought me this set, is a huge fan and has been teasing me with spoilers and such According to her my favorite charachter so far, Nina, has a huge plot twist at the end of this season and into the next seasons. I cant wait to find those out.

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Yeah the torrent stuff works great as well.


Someone already said something to you about Nina?!? Well, let's just say Sarah Clarke does a great job of playing that character, and leave it at that.


24 does a great job with plot twists throughout the series, though some in later seasons are a little far fetched (though not compared to most other stuff on TV, I guess).

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It was more along the lines of..


Me: Wow, Nina is awesome on 24.

Her: Yeah, its going to get even more interesting with her.


I dont know how some people watched this show when it originally aired. There is a plot twist at the end of each episode, and having to wait a week or sometimes more...I couldnt do it.


I have heard that Season 3, I think, is a bit of a downer/convoluted...any thoughts on that?

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Season One is by far the best. It's the only one to really incorporate the implications of real time into it. I mean, Jack actually fell asleep in like Hour 5 or so. Now he's the freaking Energizer Bunny. Also, things took time in Season One. Now, there's always a helicopter nearby to whiz you across town in mere minutes.


Season Two started out great and ran out of gas. I think you'll find that Season One starts to lose steam at about the point you're at, but it'll pick up again in the last few episodes. They actually carved out a 13 episode mini-arc within the first season in case it got cancelled. So, the effort to get the wheels turning again was a little convoluted.


Ever since Season Two, though, they've been stuck trying to ramp up the stakes with each succeeding season, which just makes the show more and more ridiculous.


My hope for Season Five is that they really use the realtime aspect that makes the show so unique, and that they keep it small scale. No more global nuclear threats or whatever. If it's just about Jack running for his life, that'd be awesome.


Plus, I'm loving his hair.

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I'd agree that Season one is probably the best, though like Mabdul said there's a bit of down time at the point you're at because of the 13 episode thing. The last few episodes are fantastic, though.


Season two was good, though the second half plot was kind of off the wall. Still, the first half is great, and some parts of the second half are pretty interesting.


Season three, for me, was a big drop off until about the final third. The final third of season three might be one of the best sections of the show (except for a ridiculous subplot/development involving a key female character). The first half of season three has some cool characters (the Salazars, who are introduced in the first episode), but I just don't think the writers had a great idea of the direction they wanted to go in that season until they were about halfway done. Last part, great, other parts, meh.


I'd love season five to actually incorporate real time realistically like season one did, too. I can deal with something of a global plot, but I want them to develop some of the secondary characters (Curtis - my favorite new addition, Logan, Buchanan, etc) in better ways than they did in Season 4, which played out like a 24 hour Bruckheimer film at times. Direct threats against fully developed characters is what makes the show so strong when it's done well, IMO. A larger threat is probably necessary in conjunction with this, but I don't have a problem with these huge overarching threats against the U.S. and/or other parts of the world.


They also need to develop the baddies better as well - while the Araz family in Season 4 was spectacularly developed, some of the other terrorists weren't done nearly as well.

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passion, let us know when you get done with season 1 what you thought of it and your thoughts going into season 2


Will do, I am now 16 hours in. Studying for Exams has taken alot of potential viewing time away but I did get to watch two espisodes over breakfast and lunch today.

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Did you rent/buy the season, Gooch? Where should I get it if I want to watch cheaply/freely?


It was a gift from a girl I know. I just won Season 2 off Ebay for 28 dollars with shipping. I am in the process of bidding for Season 3. Hopefully Santa brings season 4.

28 including shipping? That's how much I paid pretty much for LOST, which by the way is waiting for me under the Hanukkah bush once I get home next week :)

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