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ebay con artist


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Despite the title of this thread, I wouldn't say he's a con-artist. He was very clear about what he was selling.




yeah, but he put this up for auction, knowing to trick people into buying it...you know there's people that bid on auctions based on the title/ picture and ignore all descriptions

that being said, anyone dumb enough to fall for this, has it coming

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ebay definitely has rules against 'con artists'. This isn't a great example, because as said before, it is well identified as a 'box'.


But another auction that just ended was almost a complete lie, as the seller only marked one jarbled sentence that identified it as a 'box'.


I had my auction cancelled two days ago for a 'ps3' e-mail address because my auction was poorly identified as just an email address and not the system. If someone sells a box for 630 dollars without stating it clearly and obviously, ebay should do something about that. It's pathetic.

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