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Blindfolded Santa Hanging From Noose At Home Upsets Neighborhood


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A large blindfolded Santa hanging from a noose from a high tree in a man's yard has angered homeowners in a Florida neighborhood, according to a Local 6 News report.


The Santa doll, which neighborhood children can easily see, was put up by homeowner Ron Stroia at his home located on 555 West 50th Street in Miami Beach, the report said.


"It's just wrong, I mean who would want their children to see this, and it reminds adults of lynching," neighbor Estelle Farnsworth said. "It's just nasty, there is no spirit of Christmas in this."


The Santa also has his hands and legs bound by some type of wire.


"Now the kids are sad with that, you know, because they say it's not fair with Santa," neighbor Tanira Giacian said. "Santa should be around bringing their gifts, looking for the gifts, and not hanging on a tree. They're just kind of scared of that."


Since the display was put in the tree, neighbors have called police to get it removed, but officers said there is nothing they can do because the homeowner is protected under the First Amendment, Local 6 News reported.


Stroia would not talk with reporters, but did say by telephone that it's his right to display the Santa whether neighbors like it or not.


"This has really caused a big stir in the neighborhood, this is just cruel," Farnsworth said.



Pictures in link.

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I wonder if I'd get any flack for hanging a big Easter Bunny... :mischief2



....or a black Santa... :mischief2

Would more people freak out about hanging a black Santa or Santa actually being black?

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