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Guest FishFanInPA

It's almost time for a Philadelphia tradition....WingBowl 14!!! This year though it's all newbies. For those of you who don't know, it's an event that we have Super Bowl Weekend in the Wachovia Center at 6 am and it's basically fatso's eating wings against each other with hot girls feeding them and counting how many they eat. Typically this is sold out and people even get there the night before to tailgate. Sounds kinda screwy but in order to participate you have to do a satisfactory eating stunt. Check out this website to see the video and to see if you could do any of these stunts




Some examples:


2lbs of cod tongue in 5 minutes

two large pizza in 15 minutes

1 lb of cookie dough in 4 minutes

5lbs of corn (that video is not for the squeamish


Check it out and tell me what you could do.

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Guest FishFanInPA

I'm getting very hungry after watching these videos, time for a late night buffet



you must not have watched the one that side not for the faintest of stomachs.

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Guest FishFanInPA

Joey Chestnut wins Wing Bowl

It's over!

Joey Chestnut, who glugged a gallon of milk in 42 seconds to earn his berth in Philadelphia's favorite pigout, is the winner.

After a wild second heat, which saw the "you heave, you leave" rule put into effect, he led with 155 wings.

That put him into a showdown with fan favorite, The Locust, representing the senior set in a green Eagles jersey.

The final tally: Joey Chestnut, 173 wings, a new Wing Bowl record.

What a sloppy circus. As it is every year. The sauce was flying, the fingers were plying, the contestants were relying on guts in more ways than one.

Chestnut, of San Jose, Calif., led all the way. He had 155 wings after the second round, 83 after the first. The other guys giving chase in the first round were The Locust (really Rich Lefevre) with 78; Dr. Slob and Dr. Winglove, 71 each; Norseboy, 67; Mac Wing, 65; ) Wing Commander, 64; Mikey Cheesesteak, 55; Black Death; The Machine and Wing Tutt.

Before the first round began, multi-time champion El Wingador was inducted into the Wing Bowl Hall of Fame.

After it, while the wings were being counted, a new car was awarded to a fan who registered here or at a Matt Blatt dealership.

For entertainment, a guy set some kind of "record" smashing beeer can against his skull.

Just in case, there was a doctor on hand, Mike Cirigliano of Penn and Channel 29, but beyond prescribing anti-nausea medication, his services didn't seem to be needed.

As winner, Chestnut also gets a car, a Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Candace, the winner of the Miss Wingette competition, held after the meal-a-thon, won a trip.

It was a lot to ask the Wingettes to think after seeing grown men barf, but did their best to answer two questions: Why do you want to be Wingette of the year? Do you have a special talent?

No sure if the winner was the one who replied, "I am really good at taking standardized tests." Welcome to the extravaganza that every year proves Pat Robertson wrong.

It is possible to celebrate debauchery and gluttony without suffering earthquakes, volcanoes or Cheez Whiz shortages.

At least so far.

The half-capacity, near-rapacity crowd, which was loud as a tornado in a toaster overn, saw the likes of a man with a gigantic meatball, a dragon led by horned helpers, military costumes, a White Widow, and much more during the opening procession of contestants.

The rumors proved true about the 75 Wingettes. Collectively, if you added up all their fabric, you'd only have enough to cover Ruben Studdard.

And, frankly, one contestant who came in shirtless had a physique that resembles the American Idol's.

Wait, in comes a woman in ten-foot high wings on top of a float. Must be last year's Miss Wingette.

Before the event, Angelo Cataldi came in, a little worried if a lot of fans would be able to find those tickets they had to purchase back in October.

Not to worry. The seats were filling up by 6, and soon a raucous caucus was hollering such familiar Wing Bowl exhortations as "Show us your [mammary endowments]."

This year was the Virgin Wing Bowl, which had nothing to do with erotic expereiences. No, all the contestants were first-timers -- they never took part before.

Who'll be back won't just depend on next year's gimmick, but on how they feel after some time spent with Pepto Bismol.

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