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If even the Guardian is saying it, it must be true


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Paper: Iran shopping the world for nuke parts




LONDON - Iran is secretly trying to obtain technology and expertise needed to build a nuclear weapon, according to a leaked intelligence report that threatens to deepen a rift with the West over its nuclear program.


Tehran’s nuclear purchasing plans stretch from Europe to North Korea and the former Soviet states, Britain’s Guardian newspaper said, citing a report by an unnamed European intelligence agency.


The 55-page report, dated July 1, 2005, draws on material gathered by British, French, German and Belgian agencies and has been used to brief European government ministers, the newspaper said....


OK, so everyone is saying the same thing. The question now is, WHAT NOW? I mean, our credibility is shot, we're tied up in the wrong war in the Middle East, and like hell Europe is going to do anything beyond token measures against Iran. Meanwhile, Shah Hitler is running his mouth, and who knows how the minorities (Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians, and Baha'is) are being treated in Iran right now.


EDIT: I forgot about the Mandaeans.

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Guest markotsay7

Wow, you're right about the Guardian saying it.


As scary as it is this may have to wait for the next administration.


Unless Israel takes care of it.


::starts an argument that will last for 3 pages over Israel::

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I'm not sure what you do about Iran. I doubt that we could effectively hit ALL of their nuclear research sites, which are positioned everywhere in the country. Some are too well protected for conventional bombs to do any real damage.


I think that military action is out the window for the time being.

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Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel will all flock to fight Iran if they want to start sh*t. Pakistan I think would even nuke Iran if they get invaded and get thier armies pinned up against the Indian border.


I don't think Iran would f*** with the U.S., Israel, and half of the world's Arabs with some invasion I think they are planning to just sit on thier nukes and hope that will deter a U.S.-led invasion. If God-forbid they nuke Israel or Pakistan they HAVE to know that Persia is going to get FLATENED by EVERYONE. They are going to get nuked and have boots and tanks of every nationality tread over thier ashes.

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I know Pakistan wouldn't tolerate anything.


The big problem is, between Iran and Pakistan is....Afghanistan. Not a good time to be caught in the middle if things go wrong.


A report that I watched on CNN tonight said that Iran's largest missile can hit Israel, but nothing further than that.

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