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To Da U fans


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how about both?


I want our old criminals back with bad attitudes and all. When we take the field people are Afraid to play us (partly for their cars might get stolen) and partly because will leave them crying at the end of the game



I want that mean nasty streak on the field. I wanna kick the crap out of every team, not take anyone for granted. I wanna rip the heads off of lesser teams and run up the score 100-0 to prove a point.


I guess I too want Jimmy or Butch back.









I think he has a year of eligibility left. Perhaps we can dress him up as a student.



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A positive for Canes fans.....


Supposedly Noel Devine, the great junior RB who everyone should know from his freshman highlight real that was passed around the country, has always been a big time Canes fan and has said they are his favorite.


1,933 and 24 TDs this year on 11.17ypc including 398 and 4 TD on 20 carries in his last game.


I know it's far away to think of, but it's at least something positive for us. For those that don't know him, google his name and find the highlight real. It's sick.

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