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Samson says that Marlins will never leave...........


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'We'll never leave Jupiter,' Marlins president promises



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February 12, 2006

The Marlins might not be Floridians much longer, if the ball club can't make some kind of deal on a new stadium but the two-time World Series champions will always call Jupiter's Roger Dean Stadium its spring home.


"We'll never leave Jupiter," said Marlins President David P. Samson Wednesday when the Marlins Caravan stopped at J.J. Muggs Stadium Grill in Abacoa across the street from the stadium.



Samson said the quest for a new regular-season stadium in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area "is tough but we're still working on it.


"We were forced into a position we didn't want to be in ? looking at other cities but our preference is still here, period, and that's what we still working on."


Armed with bats, shirts, cards and pictures, several hundred Marlins fans lined up to meet several players and get their autographs. ESPN Radio 760 AM sponsored the Caravan stop.


During the week, the Caravan was making 40 stops all over South Florida from the Keys to Naples to Jupiter and Miami "and everything in between," said the club's Marketing Vice President Sean Flynn.


Five Marlins players made the trip to J.J. Muggs, pitcher Randy Messenger, pitcher Nate Bump, pitcher Josh Johnson, pitcher Reggie Abercrombie and infielder Robert Andino.


"We have a different group of players for every stop," Flynn said. "Basically we have about 30 guys off the 40-man man roster that will be invited to spring training."


In the past, the Caravan appearances have been across the street at the Stadium during the day.


"We just wanted to change things up this year and take it across the street," Flynn said. "We'll have a lot of other activities at the stadium once spring training starts."


Pitchers and catchers report Feb. 18 and the first full squad workout is Feb. 23.


Abercrombie pitched for the Jupiter Hammerheads last year and Messenger and Johnson are both Hammerheads alumni.


The first fan through the line was Chris D'Mato, who had all the players autograph cards.


"I'm originally from Massachusetts so I follow the Red Sox but when I'm here, I follow the Marlins and the Cardinals," said D'Mato, who his staying with his father Tony in Jupiter.


Another winter visitor from Indiana, Sandy Garris had several baseball cards and two baseballs autographed.


"I like the Cardinals and Marlins but I would say I like the Marlins best," the part-time Jupiter resident said.


"I did pretty well," she said holding up her trophies.


"I was disappointed that Dontrelle Willis didn't show up but those things happen," added Bill Garris.


Although Willis wasn't at J.J. Muggs, he was at Roger Dean earlier in the day videotaping a segment for ABC TV's Extreme Makeover Show, which has been renovating the Boynton Beach Little League fields.


Several Boynton Beach players appeared with Willis in the segment. Not only did those players get his autograph, they also got miniature Marlins uniforms with their names on them.


Boynton Beach player Kail Stevens, 8, and several of his teammates even stayed around to pick up extra autographs on the bill of his cap at the Caravan stop. The cap sports Willis' autograph.


"He's my favorite players," said Stevens, who plays coach pitch ball in Boynton.


"I really like my new uniform," he said. "We got to play (at the stadium) today. I played second base."


Rudi Haselbauer, 7, from Royal Palm Beach bought a black bat for the players to autograph. He also bought his own gold marker pen so the names would show up.


"I'm kind of a Marlins fan and a Braves fan," he said. "I also got four balls autographed."



Gee, thanks David, we're really excited now.

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I wonder what the next story topic Accord will spin into something negative will be.



"Samson: Marlins staying in Miami....................but it's Hialeah where all the latinos are, now no one at the stadium will speak english....David Samson blows..."

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I wonder what the next story topic Accord will spin into something negative will be.


I find it very disappointing the level of suspicion many have. We all come here to learn about the Marlins and the community of fans. It would be helpful if fact were seperated from opinion, and opinions born out of spite and fear were clearly noted as. Else you end up confusing the many who rely on this board as a resource, and sour the reputation of MarlinsBaseball.com

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