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Queston about Saturdays game...


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441 may be the worst baseball seat in the park

I have been there for Dolphins' games before, and it is facing dead center. I hope you like JP!

yeah..he's aiight



I'll be focusing more on Dontrelle though I thought Dontrelle din't like all the attention :p :whistle To bad for dontrelle than huh? :p




note: you spelled "didnt" wrong mike :whistle :shifty

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i sat in 441 for the arizona, marlins gave (willis) and those seats arent bad at all, i actually lked um more than outfield reserve or fishtank

oh alright cool, that'll give me a better feeling about tomorrow



btw. does anyone know if they still do that thing that the first 100 people through the gates get free autographs from some players...anyone know about that? it's supposed to be a special every saturday.

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