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Dear Admin,


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How are you today? I am fine, thank you for asking. Anyway, I am writing you this note to request that you bring back a stadium/franchise's future sub-forum. I, for one, am tired of seeing topics about San Antonio and Hialeah's stadium all over the Marlins forum when all I want to do is talk about the team on the field. I believe many of us are tired of reading about how sweet San Antonio's proposal is going to be and then Das and the 3 guys from Texas arguing with the Florida hardliners about it for 40 posts. I understand, of course, that we don't have to click on such topics if we don't want to. But I, for one, am tired of worrying about the future of this team which is out of our hands anyway and would like to focus on the field, where it matters. Such topics take away from the awesomeness of Shadez, Hammer, Kool-Aid, Cabs, Jake, The D and Me Trains, and any other cool nickname you would like to insert here, like I dunno, Human Fan (Aguila!) and the Miami Hit Machine (Moehler!). Please consider my proposal and have a great day!




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